Air Quality Information

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

First, I want to sincerely thank the parents who reached out and asked questions regarding the air quality and what the district’s position was on this. Through our conversations, we had amazing dialogue, reached great understanding and I am overly proud to be here with you.

Next, please know that the district did not have an existing policy in place due to the rarity of this occurrence in the Dillingham area. However, staff began monitoring the air quality early yesterday morning and throughout the day. To ensure the safety of the students, we reviewed policy from fire-prone areas and school districts to guide the decisions made yesterday and those that we will make in the future.

The highest the air quality index reached in Dillingham was 57 and this decreased steadily throughout the afternoon. For reference, fire-prone district areas do not cancel outdoor activities including cross country running meets until the index reaches 100.

Additionally, some students were required to stay indoors due to known conditions, others were able to remain indoors at their choice, parent requests were fulfilled and most importantly, our students were safe.
In closing, please feel free to reach out and come by to chat anytime you have questions regarding your students and their safety as I appreciate the opportunity to speak with and learn from you.

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the long weekend with the Labor Day Holiday on Monday.

P.S. We’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday morning and the arrival of our Kindergartners : )!


Dillingham City School District