Summer School Session #2 Update

A quick and friendly reminder that session two of summer school begins on July 19 for the students interested who were in K-8 grade during the last school year.
Transportation, meals and a great time will be provided.
We still have a few more openings and welcome anyone interested to reach out for further details.
Please email Mr. Vincent Kane ( with any questions and see the included pictures for the current bus routes (We will modify for any new students), enrollment form and additional information.

Classroom Awards

Mr. Gordon

Mr. Reigh

Mr. Montooth

Mr. Smith

Mr. Yingst 1

Mr. Yingst 2

Mr. Yingst 3

Mrs. Haxton

Mrs. Luiten

Mrs. Palin

Mrs. Sands

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Yingst

Ms. Hart

Ms. Lutes and Mrs. Yingst