School Operations and Mass Testing Update (Resume Low Risk Operations/On-Site Learning on Monday, Feb 22)

Good Afternoon Everyone,

After our most recent conversation with BBAHC, the district will be resuming in-person student learning at the low-risk level beginning on Monday, Feb 22.

Next, during the mass testing event recently held at the school after the closure on Feb 3, approximately 350 tests were administered resulting in two positive cases.

We believe this outcome is a huge testament to our community and team’s mitigation strategies and look forward to seeing our students again on Monday.



School Closure Update (Extended through Feb 19)

Good Afternoon Everyone,

A short time ago, I met with BBAHC and Public Health to review the current state of the closure. Both entities agree that we should remain at High-Risk for the duration of this week as well as next week.

The intent is to resume in-person instruction on Monday, February 22 (Pending further information).

Please anticipate an update on February 17th or 18th regarding future actions.